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Our Advisors

Danielle Meirow.png

Danielle Meirow


Director of Student Leadership & Involvement

Provides strategic vision and planning for the Student Leadership and Involvement Office

Coordinates community service initiatives, leadership programs, and departmental assessment

Assists with advising the Undergraduate Student Government (USG)


The USG body has a set of committees to divide up the work required by our positions; all are listed below with their responsibilities and members. If you would like to get in contact with a committee directly, the contact information for each committee’s Chair is included.


The events committee is responsible for the planning and execution of USG events throughout the year. The Events Committee also is responsible for the management of the Student Org storage building.



Membership: Chair, Vice-Chair, Ex-Officio (Vice-President), Storage Manager, and other members of the general body.

Chair: Konraad VanDyke

Vice-Chair: Chase Henderson

Bus Coordinator: Gabriela Bonfil

Members: Owen Gorter, Ben Swenson

Ex. Officio: Cole Pierucki


The Judiciary Committee resolves all election protests and complaints, all Constitution and Bylaw disputes that are unable to be resolved by the Parliamentarian, and any personnel issues pertaining to any body member.


Membership: Chair (Parliamentarian), Vice-Chair (S.A. Vice-Chair), one elected member of the general body, and two appointed students of the Student Assembly.

Chair: Mason Krause

Vice-Chair: Isobel Bowker


The Personnel Committee meets on a need-be basis to conduct a review of a USG member if an issue arises. The issues under review are specific to a specified limit of unexcused absences to general meetings/committee meetings/office hours as well as the implication of malfeasance/misfeasance/nonfeasance in office.


Membership: Chair (Vice President), Alternate (appointed member of the general body), and the remaining five Committee Chairs.

Chair: Cole Pierucki

Vice Chair: Mason Krause

Members: Lily Ketelsen, Daniel Branagan,

Brendan Leddy, Isobel Bowker, Konraad VanDyke

Alternate: Connor Zavislak

Political Affairs

The Political Affairs committee plans and coordinates events designed to promote political involvement on campus. Formerly involved with the Student Association of Michigan (SAM), Political Affairs now focuses on organizing with the universities in our region through the 1UP Conference.



Membership: Chair, Ex-Officio (Treasurer), Vice-Chair, and three other members of the general body.

Chair: Brendan Leddy

Vice-Chair: Maggie Denney

Members: Matthew Staats, Owen Gorter

Ex-Officio: Lily Ketelsen

Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for all advertising and publications regarding USG. The committee strives to be as transparent as possible to the student body keeping them updated on current projects and events.



Membership: Chair, Ex-Officio (Secretary), Vice-Chair, Webmaster, and three other members of the general body.

Chair: Isobel Bowker

Vice-Chair: Mason Krause

Webmaster: David Reeves

Social Media Manager: Elise Buzzell

Members: Madison Mattila

Ex-Officio: Breeanna Schlicker

Student Affairs

Student Affairs is responsible for finding, investigating, and resolution of issues brought forth from the student body. Student Affairs also advocates for the rights and of the campus community and serves as a check on university policy.



Membership: Chair, Ex-Officio (President), Vice-Chair, Diversity Liaison, and three other members of the general body.

Chair: Daniel Branagan

Vice-Chair: Connor Zavislak

Diversity Liaison: Andrew Karimi

Members: Jocelyn Portice

Ex-Officio: Ben Conlin

Ways and Means (WAM)

WAM makes recommendations to the rest of the body on funding requests. Most of the money that is disbursed to students from USG goes through WAM first. All of WAM’s recommendations must be voted on by the entire body during a meeting.



Membership: Chair (Treasurer), President, Vice President, Secretary, and two elected members of the general body.

Chair: Lily Ketelsen

President: Ben Conlin

Vice President: Cole Pierucki

Secretary: Breeanna Schlicker

Members: Madison Mattila,

 David Reeves

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