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Reimbursement and Advance of Funds Process

More information on Student Leadership and Involvement (SLI) can be found here.

1. Meet the requirements

Organizations must meet the following criteria to be funded by the SAF.

  • Be a registered student organization in good standing with Student Leadership and Involvement

  • Be an open organization as defined by Student Leadership and Involvement

Organizations not meeting these criteria are not eligible for SAF funding. If you believe your request is an exception please contact our treasurer who will help you through the special exception process.

In addition there are things that USG cannot fund, or rules about what funding can be allocated. A summary of these rules is included below:

  • Alcohol

  • Giveaways or items that will be distributed

  • Food

    • Unless the organization provides reasoning that the food is used for cultural significance and is open to everyone

  • Monetary distributions to members of organizations or charities

  • Awards or Prizes

  • Salaries for full-time or part-time staff except as stated in our Bylaws in Article XIII, Section 1.5

  • Contributions or donations to the campaigns fund of any candidate or political movement

2. Determine which form to fill out

There are three options: the Reimbursement of Funds, the Advance of Funds, and the Account Use Approval forms. These are by following the steps found here 

The Reimbursement request is for SAF approved orgs that covered a cost with out-of-pocket money. The request must be for approved items on their budget only and valid (within 4 months of purchase) receipts must be provided.

The Advance request is for these same orgs to request money from their budget before-hand to cover the costs of any approved item(s) on their budget. After making a purchase using an advancement your organization must submit proof of purchase within 6 weeks to

Detailed receipts for reimbursements or quotes/invoices for advances must be provided with the form.

Account Use Approval is for internal university account transfers. I.E. paying for Ice time at the SDC or Husky Motors expenses, even paying other organizations such as SLS

3. File Forms on Involvement Link

During USG office hours, body members will go through the requests. After a body member reviews a request two Ways and Means Committee member will review it and then pass it on to the USG treasurer to finally send a check request. If there are issues with your request you will be notified via email or comment on Involvement Link.

4. Receive Funding if Approved

Once approved, a check is ordered from Michigan Tech’s accounting department. Checks will arrive in the Student Leadership and Involvement (SLI) Office (MUB 112) — they will not go to USG’s office. You or your treasurer should get an email from someone in Student Leadership and Involvement regarding your check. Checks usually take up to 2 weeks to arrive after being requested.

Introducing a New, Faster Alternative:

If you would like to receive your reimbursement or advancement faster, you can opt-in to direct deposit, eliminating the need to pick up and cash a check. Direct deposit forms can be picked up and turned in at the SLI Office (MUB 112). If you have any questions about direct deposit, please reach out to SLI.

Reimbursement Ancor
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