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On the Oxford High School Tragedy

Dear students,

I am writing with regards to the tragic events that took place on November 30 at Oxford High School in Oxford, Michigan. On behalf of all of USG, I express my deepest sympathies to those impacted.

In honor of the victims of this tragedy, and to show support to those who are grieving, including in our own community, please wear something blue and/or gold on Friday, December 10, in accordance with Oxford High's tradition.

Oxford High alumni at Michigan Tech have asked for USG's help in sharing these links:

Oxford Bank: Donate to the Oxford Community Memorial and Victims Fund

Petition: Rename Wildcat Stadium to Tate Myre Stadium

Petition: Create A Mural For The Kids Who Have Lost Their Lives in the OHS Shooting

Thank you for your consideration of this message. During this holiday season, keep in your thoughts the people who have lost somebody they love. Cherish your friends and family, and reach out to someone who is alone or struggling.


Zack Olson

President of the Undergraduate Student Government

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